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Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

Valley of Danville Consistory

The Consistory Degrees, the Nineteenth through Thirty-Second Degrees, known as the Traditional and Chivalric Degrees of Scottish Rite, are conferred by a Consistory. These degrees portray memorable lessons of brotherhood, compassion, discipline, dignity, duty, equality, excellence, faith, goodwill, justice, love, mercy, moral character, patriotism, purity, service, spirituality, toleration and unity that range in settings from the time of chivalry through the 20th century.



Commander in Chief- Brian L. Pettice 33rd

1st Lt. Commander- Bruce W. Rhinehart 33rd

2nd Lt. Commander- Charles H. Felkamp Jr.

Orator- Jerry H. Askren 33rd

Chancellor- Sean P. McBride

Master of Ceremonies- James W. Both 33rd

Engineer & Seneschal- James D. Goodwine 33rd

Standard Bearer- Richard A. Thompson MSA 33rd

Captain of the Guard- J. Thomas Barrett 33rd

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