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Rite Stuff Rendezvous

The Valley of Danville ~ Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite ~ in conjunction with Lodge’s and the Valley’s Membership Initiative designed the Rite Stuff Rendezvous to show non-Masons what Freemasonry has to offer them and what Scottish Rite has to offer Master Masons and their families. This is not a high pitch sales effort; just a gathering of friends for fellowship and information.

The “Rite Stuff Rendezvous” is open to Masons and non-Masons alike. Attendees do not have to belong to Lodge or to the Valley of Danville to take advantage of this program. You are encouraged to bring your friends and family members whom you feel would be an asset to your Lodge and to the Fraternity. The Valley of Danville will do the rest.

Learn more about what happens at a Rite Stuff Rendezvous.

To schedule a Rite Stuff Rendezvous call our Office at 217-446-7620.

Ancient Craft Degree Team

Degree Team: The Valley of Danville sponsors the Ancient Craft Degree Team that is available to all Lodges in our Valley. The team is usually called upon to present the entire Third Degree and does so in an impressive manner. As a further service to our Lodges, the Valley will supply individual team members to help complete the slate for any degree. Please allow 6 weeks advance notice when requesting the entire Degree Team. If you are interested in being a part of the Team or would just like to know what’s going on, make sure the team has your email.  The Team can be reached by sending mail to degreeteam@aasrdanville.org.  Brad Cronk, 33° is the Chairman of the Degree Team and Brian Sides is the Secretary.

Lodge Ambassadors

Each lodge that supports the Valley of Danville has a lodge ambassador.  This lodge ambassador should relay news about the Valley’s upcoming events that gets sent to them by the Lodge Ambassador Chairman.


The Valley of Danville is a source of many different scholarships available to relatives of Masons and Scottish Rite Masons.  They are available each year so we want to encourage your lodge to announce these each year for your membership to take advantage of!  There is a scholarship tab on the top of the page or you may see them by clicking: SCHOLARSHIP PAGE


Videos such as those below are available on the Supreme Council Website or their YouTube channel.

Call us at 217-446-7620 or email execsec@aasrdanville.org for more information.