Chapter of Rose Croix

rc George E. Burow Chapter of Rose Croix


The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Degrees, known as the Philosophical and Doctrinal Degrees of the Scottish Rite, are conferred in a Chapter of Rose Croix. They open a new development of Masonic teaching and are a distinct departure and advance from the symbolism and teaching of the Symbolic Lodge and of the preceding Scottish Rite Degrees. These deal with the first Temple and its supporting columns, and the attempt to restore and maintain the old worship in a second temple reared upon the ruins of the first. Neither endured.


17th and 18th


Most Wise Master- Jeremy W. Bennett

Senior Warden- William J. Sollers

Junior Warden- Christopher J. Hathaway

Orator- Thomas A. Roberts

Master of Ceremonies- Jon W. Burkhardt

Captain of the Guard- David L. Hamilton