Council Princes of Jerusalem

poj Walter A. Stevens Council Princes of Jerusalem


The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry are known as “Knight of the East or Sword” and “Prince of Jerusalem”. These degrees sometimes referred to as the historical degrees, constitute an allegorical narrative presenting the story of a captive people who “wept beside the rivers of Babylon”. When liberated they were consecrated to the task of building the second temple or rather of rebuilding the original temple of Solomon, which had been destroyed by marauding Assyrians.


15th and 16th


Sovereign Prince- Todd G. Gray

High Priest- J.R. Thomas

Senior Warden- Terry L. Hills

Junior Warden- Robert M. Hopkins, 33°

Master of Ceremonies- J. Bruce Thompson

Master of Entrances- Myles S. Patterson